Doctor Seuss is a pirate infamous on the Grand Line for both his scientific prowess and utter disregard of human life, despite being a doctor. He is the Heavy Metal Pirates' ship doctor. He has a bounty of 75,000,000 beli.


A tall, thin man with a top hat and gray eyes. He appears to be in his early 20s. He dresses in flamboyant clothes and suits. A long, black cane is on his person at all times. His expression almost never changes from a cold, dark stare.


Seuss gained an infamy in the Grand Line for being an extremely skilled doctor and scientist, while at the same time performing outlandishly cruel experiments and torturing people for his amusement. All while never changing his dark facial expression. For some reason, he only speaks in idiotic rhymes.


There is almost no record of the doctor before he entered the Grand Line, though it is known that he was born in West Blue. Over the past few years, he has sailed the Grand Line with the Shichibukai, Bowes. After Bowes lost his title, Seuss seems to have found work elsewhere, performing experiments on unsuspecting people on a regular basis.

Character StatsEdit

Strength: ??

Stamina: ??

Agility: ??


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