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Valentine is a calculating man, he whoever, believes firmly that everything is 100% random and up to luck, and thus, it's on him to try and negate those odds. Due to his mathematical affinity, he is always taking the odds of every situation he is in.

Always a gambling man, Valentine will take almost any bet made against him, he , whoever, never takes a bet that is more than 95% certain, due to him believing that the things with the less chance to happen, are the more likely to.

He loves the smell of coffee and deals with it on every travel, has a weak spot for animals and hates kids. During an incident with a woman's purse and his horse, he developed an irrational hate for woman's purses, and goes out of his way to bicker at them for it.

In a fight, Valentine will take the easiest way out and will avoid at any cost to make his retreat mean death for someone else.


Alexander was born in a small island on the West Blue, son of the mayor of the village, he grew up alongside the merchant's guild that picked him off the coast after an incident forced his father to ship him away on a small raft.

He lost the memories of himself growing up, only knowing his name due to the documents he was carrying with himself when they found him. Nowadays, he goes by the name "Plata", the word tatooed into the knuckles of his left hand, he's had this since before losing his memory apparently.

During his travels, he learned how to barter and make good bussines decisions, along the hability to aim quite accurately with his revolver. It was during one of his deals that someone tried to swindle him by paying a debt with a horse, something useless to someone in the sea, he whoever, took the foal and raised it after giving it the name "Blackstar" due to his black skin and the white star on his flank.

Primary Profession:Merchant: Merchants are fairly charismatic people who are skilled in both bargaining and selling things to others. Their expertise means that they are very knowledgeable of the economy, and deal with all manner of merchandise. Merchants can attempt to purchase any item in existence through black market methods.

Primary Trait:They pay an extra 15% on the final purchase for every ‘purchasing barrier’ they’re jumping over to obtain the item.

Secondary Profession:Weapon Specialist: A Weapon Specialist is someone who has devoted some degree of their life to the mastery of a single weapon, such as katanas, small shields, spiked whips, pistols, rifles, slingshots, or anything you can think of. With their chosen weapon, they can be skilled enough that they may almost seem like extensions of their own bodies. This character is highly skilled in using a handgun and can create techniques involving use of that weapon.


A black horse with a star on her left flank that follows Valentine around.

While traveling trough the islands with the merchant crew, Alex had to learn how to trade and make deals, in one of his first deals, an older merchant tried to con Valentine by paying him with a newborn foal, a horribly long investment and pretty useless as a payment for a man of the sea.

Naturally, he accepted it.

Raised alongside him, Blackstar is a mare that accompanies Valentine into any and all adventures, going as far as to take care of him whenever he gets into fights. She's overprotective of him and so is always wary and aggrieving towards women that get close to him. She loves bananas and apples and will always dance along whenever Valentine sings to her.

Over the years, the two have developed and unbreakeable bond and the talking nature of the man has given her a good grasp on the meaning of words.

Traits Edit

Professional TraitsEdit

Profession Trait

Money Talks (1 Trait): As a merchant, they can always tell when someone is for sale. If an NPC knows something that the player needs to know, they will be able to pay him off to get the info, regardless of if it’s within the NPCs nature.

General TraitsEdit

Follow the Leader (1 Trait): This character may create and control NPC that is deemed to be a Personal NPC. As a personal NPC, these characters possess no stats or traits, can be used in combat under the guise of techniques, and can separate from the player character and act on their own. They are stronger than both Fodder and Crewmen, but will lose to a player character without question on their own. As an NPC, they are allowed to have human level intelligence regardless of their species. This trait can be taken multiple times for multiple NPCs.

Fate of the Cunning (2 Traits): By placing traits in Fated, you lock them until the next time you earn a trait. You may put as many traits as you have into fated. In the meantime, you get a temporary boost of (2 of traits in fated, multiplied by 3) to your perception stat. This does not increase your Will, your technique points, or your max technique rank..

General Trait(Cost): Description

Combat Style Edit

Always a gunslinger, Alexander specializes on hit and run tactics and using the enviroment and planning to ricoshet shots into the enemy as well as to corner them into a perfect shot, in a one to one fight, he's not completely useless, but can be bested by brute strenght. His horse knows the sound of his guns and knows to find him if he shoots six times in a row.

Character StatsEdit

Stats Base Value After Traits
Strength 10 10
Stamina 11 10
Agility 10 10
Perception 19 25
Will 10 10
Stat Total 50

Items Edit

Link Beli Gain Beli Loss Item Gain Item Loss
Starting item Iron Revolver X 2
Starting item Iron Boomerang-blade
Total: 5,000 Beli

Iron Revolvers: A pair of black revolvers that read "ZIGGY" and "STARDUST" respectively.

Iron Boomerang-blade: An arm-lenght boomerang that has a bladed side to it, it sports a Ying-Yang simbol on it.


Max Rank 10
Technique Points Left 1
Technique Points Used 24
Technique Points Total 25
Name: Silver Bullet.
Rank: 8 Cost: 8 Style: Ranged RangeMid
Description: Using quick math and experience, Valentine shoots an object or surface to bounce the shot and hit targets behind corners and cover, the shot isn't 100% accurate.
Name: Roundabout
Rank: 8 Cost: 8 Style: High Speed Range: Short
Description: After calling him, Blackstar comes in and Valentine rides him as he sprints, quickly covering a long distance in a short time.
Name: Shoot to Thrill
Rank: 8 Cost: 8 Style: Ranged/Flurry Range: Mid
Description: After taking aim, Valentine discharges the six shots of a revolver at an enemy, this technique cannot be used twice on the same action.

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