He actually looks reasonably "good" for his age, maybe because of all the exotic foods he has eaten. His clothes looks as they have been through some harsh times and he hasn't bothered to do anything about it, there are a few condiments attached to these which he likes to munch on when bored or anxious. His Jolly Roger seems to be painted with soy sauce and he lost his leg on a cooking accident.


Yells everything he says and is always saying something. Likes to like things edible or otherwise and bites anyone who tries to stop him. Once in a while he has a short moment of lucidity and starts crying before returning to his eccentric self, each time crazier.


In the past he was a respected and sought after cook through all of the North Blue, he was invited by nobles that tried to curry his favor and was asked by many respected chefs to test their foods as a seal of approval from him could carry anyone to the heaves and double their profit in a few days times. But he was not a "nice" man, his reviews were cold and exigent, and people who disappointing him quickly went bankrupt.

One of his assistants was the son of such people, a small time chef with committed suicide after he had to close his restaurant due to the critic. This assistant won the chef´s trust and became his apprentice and in his final dish he impressed Alpha with the nobility and tenderness of the flavor, the master chef was delighted! until he learned of the origin of the meat... it was but his only and beloved daughter which was the only thing he cherished in this world, after the revelation he went crazy as to escape from the suffering and vanished from the culinary world, sailing into the ocean as a pirate for unknown reasons.

Combat Style Edit

Even he has no idea, he just swings his staff around, kicks stuff with his prosthetic leg and throws stuff to see what sticks.


Jellyfish Staff: A staff... with a jellyfish at the end, causes electrical burns which can be healed by peeing on them.

Ink Pistols: Actually not a pistol, nor ink related. its a dead eel with some residual electricity which Alpha trows around, but he yells the wrong name so that people get confused or maybe he doesn't even realize himself.

Sammy: Kind of live octopus which adheres himself to anything he lands on and releases ink.

Pokeball: A sea urchin with venom at the tips. "Its a ball that pokes, a pokeball!" - Alpha Kenybody

Multiple throwaway cooking tools: <

A crab´s pincer: Alpha cooks with it.

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