Located on the island of Yukiryuu, Avra is one of three isolated towns located on the island. For whatever reason, the entire island seems to be within a state of perpetual night. It's unknown how or why this occurs, but it is the least of the many oddities of the island.

Like all three known locations on Yukiryuu, Avra is not a town so much as a single castle isolated from the rest. This one in particular seems to be surrounded by a lake. It said that in order to cross the lake, a cloaked ferryman will take you across for a price.

It is unknown whom or what lives inside the castle, though it is said that whispers can be heard all across the lake.

Player HistoryEdit

Notable People Edit

Things to NoteEdit

  • The castle is populated only by women, like all villages on Yukiryuu.
  • The lake itself is surrounded by a forest. It has been said the men often become lost in them.
  • Creatures live in the lake. Perhaps they are the ones that are whispering.

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