Ayaka is a beautiful young woman, who often flaunts her beauty whenever she can. She has snow white hair, along with a pretty pale complexion, that makes her almost appear like a human snowflake. She often adorns herself in colorful cloths and jewels to help her stand out in a crowd. She has a pair of piercing green eyes and can be often seen smoking a cigar.


In short, Ayaka is not what you'd call a good person. Her entire personality comes down to worth. Whether to save a kitten from a tree or to help a dying old woman on the street, she individually values every action she comes across and considers if it's worth it for her to take it, whether that worth be spiritual, physical, mentally, or monetarily. She believes everything has a price and if she wants something, she'll do her best to obtain it.


Ayako grew up in Hendrick's Den, a place where gambling and slight of hand gets you everything you need. Her mother, a card shark at the local casino never took to much time for her. Though she did provide for her, it never felt like she was really there. Her father was some dead beat. A local drunk that often gambled away any money he made, including his own daughter at one point. Ayaka doesn't recall much of him, as he vanished when she was quite young. Probably taken as a slave.

With an absent father and a workaholic mother, Ayaka wasn't quite raised properly and got most of her learning from the streets. As she grew older, she began to put great value into the worth of everything, including her mother's death bed. When she got right down to it, her mother was worth much more dead and collecting on her insurance policy, then the money that could be wasted paying for a treatment that wasn't guaranteed. After all, this was the the only value her mother ever gave her.

Combat Style Edit

Ayaka has never been seen fighting so it's not really known how she does is. Usually she keeps various guards and hired hands around her to protect her and her goods. There are rumors however that because of all the weapons and items she's collected she'll simply pull one from a bag and use it as a weapon to fight.

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