Located on the island of Yukiryuu, Beruna is one of three isolated towns located on the island. For whatever reason, the entire island seems to be within a state of perpetual night. It's unknown how or why this occurs, but it is the least of the many oddities of the island. The town is surrounded by a thick and extremely dense forest which most travelers seem to get lost it. The forest itself seems to contain packs of wolves which attack anything that they see.

Beruna, like Avra and Doorn, is not a village, but a loan castle in an isolated location. The castle itself seems to open on it's own as some have rumored that an old butler welcomes them like an old guest, escorting them towards the castle.

It's also interesting to note that the wolves of the forest seem almost scared to come anywhere near the castle.

Player HistoryEdit

Notable People Edit

Things to NoteEdit

  • The scent of blood can be smelled in various parts of the castle.
  • The castle is entirely populated by women
  • Bats can be seen flying and nesting around the grounds.

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