Description Edit

Camelot is a place that has long ignored the passing of time, and strangely enough the world they live in. Camelot seems to be a kingdom, stuck purely in medieval times, where knights continue to roam.

The most futuristic weapon seen here would be the catapult, as they still seem to live in stone fortresses, lit by candles and only do battle with steel swords and metal armor. The kingdom itself is surrounded by a dense forest, which no one the island seems to want to go outside of. Any outsiders who visit, bearing futuristic items will usually be regarded as a witch and burned within the hour before they can properly explain.

Player History Edit

Any Story Arcs that occur are to be listed here.

Notable Characters Edit

Artoria Pendragon: The current ruler of Camelot, Artoria is a strong-willed young woman who always speaks with resoluteness. She is courageous, determined, and eager to prove that she is a knight and a ruler, before being a woman. Though some of her recent decisions have left some in the kingdom uneasy under her rule, she wishes only to do right by her people and lead them properly.

Things of Note Edit

  • Currently under turmoil as new King Queen has been crowned.
  • A military coup d'état to be growing, over distrust of new ruler.
  • Rumors of an ancient sword to be found here.
  • Kingdom surrounded by an extremely dense forest.