Bounty Hunters (賞金稼ぎ Shōkin Kasegi?) are people who make a living out of catching criminals for the bounty on their head.

The reasons behind bounty hunters doing their job are often mixed. Some are hunting down criminals just for money, others to bring them to justice their way and some for fame. Of course, there are also those who hunt down bounties for the challenge they offer as a means of testing their own level of skill. Bounty Hunters also act independently from other established law enforcement groups and are free to roam as they please. They also have no fixed workings and some may hunt solo or with others, making them nomads at best. While they are sometimes no better than criminals themselves, they are left alone to hunt criminals so long as they do not break the law while doing so. Regardless, all criminals apprehended are released into the custody of the Marines dead or alive.

Pros and Cons

Freedom: Unlike a marine, Bounty Hunters are free to sail to wherever they please. They have no higher-ups to follow or listen to, so they’re all free to pursue their goals at their leisure.

Law Abiding Citizen: Unlike marines, they aren’t allowed to break a few laws to capture a bounty nor can they have total disregard for them like a pirate.

Reputation: Bounty Hunters find it harder than Pirates and Marines to make a name for themselves. Bounty hunters have a "skill" rating amongst themselves, based on the extent of their bounty capturing repertoire. As this number rises, pirates become more aware of the bounty hunter and the danger they present, have a more active reaction should they be noticed.

Bounty Collecting: Unlike both Pirates and Marines, bounty hunters can capture and turn in pirates in order to collect on their bounty. Unfortunately, an unknown rule about bounties is that the World Government heavily taxes such rewards, reducing whatever rewards you might have expected to a more modest price.

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