The Revolutionaries are a secret organization lead by a mysterious group of forces. Very few of their members are known, even to the most knowledgeable of government forces. There goals deal with righting the wrongs of this world and taking it back for the people, however very little is known beyond that.

Pros and Cons

Starting Young: Most if not all members of the revolutionary army are brought in as children and trained into adulthood to serve as agents. If you somehow manage to become a member, you would likely have known your co-workers for a large portion of your childhood and the majority of your adult life.

Wanted without Price: Any member of the revolutionary army is automatically wanted, and is considered a threat to the World Government and the World. However, for whatever reason they lack bounty posters like most pirates have. Perhaps to downplay their existence.

Speedy Delivery: Any member of the Revolutionary Army will have access to the arms stockpile that their army keeps. Even during the middle of a story arc, a revolutionary can purchase items and have them delivered to their locations.

Players not Allowed: Due to the relatively unknown nature of the revolutionary army, this faction is closed off to players. As the canon unfolds and new information is given, this faction may be open for players to make use of. In addition, players cannot make NPCs of any kind that are or claim to be a revolutionary without moderator permission.

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