Chippingford is a city located on the island of Havvana, being far larger than the neighboring towns in comparison. In the past, it may have been called Chippenford, but the name was probably changed over time due to how people tend to pronounce the name.

The city is widely considered to be the shipping capital of the East Blue, dealing with imports, exports, and all manner of trading. But, this is only in addition to the massive shipyard that the city possess.

Before all this however, Chippingford was a well known mining town, that has since been closed for at least twenty years now. It was secretly used as a headquarters for a local slaving ring, but that particular group has long since been disbanded.

Player HistoryEdit

Notable People Edit

Things to NoteEdit

  • Shipping yard which would probably a good place for ship upgrades and ship building.
  • A large mecha piloted by Hebi Kotei attacked the city. He is to be shot on sight if seen here.
  • Because of the shipping yard, the island also gets a lot of traded goods going through it.

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