Long renowned for its hospitality and upbeat spirit, Dancing Lawn isn't a hot spot, but its one that is always a pleasure to visit. The town is quite small, containing small buildings and a few businesses. The town itself isn't too far off from the sea, allowing to to gain an influx of supplies and trading every so often. However, with a nearby farm, a thriving forest for hunting, and can do spirit, the town manages to be very self sufficient.

The people who reside here are usually cheerful, seeming quite welcoming to travellers and tourists alike.

Player HistoryEdit

Notable People Edit

The Mayor: The long time mayor of Dancing Lawn for well over twenty years. Everyone in the town loves him and believes he is a great leader. Believe it or not he doesn't seem to use his fruit to influence their political opinions. Now whether he uses it on the all the women for personal reasons, is a different story.

Things to NoteEdit

  • Quiet and peaceful town.
  • Mayor is likely in his fifties has the charm charm fruit.

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