Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits are mystical fruits found around the world that can grant the eater various powers to those who eat them. Below are the rules of all Devil Fruits:

  • Simply biting and swallowing a piece of an uneaten Devil Fruit will grant you its power.
  • Devil Fruits can have a variety of powers, some fantastic and seemingly other worldly and others, mundane like cheap magic tricks.
  • Being submerged in water that reaches up to their knees, will temporarily nullify their powers and make them feel weak.
  • Materials like Seastone will cause the same effect as submerged water on contact.
  • There is only one of each Devil Fruit in existence. They can only be found again if the current user has died.

This role play uses a combination of canonical and original devil fruit of all variety to provide players with a selection as broad and varied as the character creation system itself. These fruits come in three types, each with their own category of possible strengths.

Types of Fruits



These fruits grant superhuman abilities and are based on an object/substance or an idea/concept. Traditionally, these devil fruits grant thematic powers, rather than literal. For example, The Candle fruit allows one to produce wax while simultaneously lighting the top of your head aflame. Paramecia can be further subdivided into into fruits which affect your body specifically, and fruits that allow you to produce a substance or effect outwardly.



This category includes all fruits which grant the the ability to shapeshift into a specific animal as well as various hybrids between your animal and normal form. This is not just limited to real animals that you can see today. Animals, that have long been extinct and animals from myths and fables are also available. Zoans grant stat boosts when you shift into your other forms as well as well as other more specific abilities depending on the animal.



The simplest and most powerful fruit, Logia allow the users to become, produce, and manipulate a specific element. Though sometimes these elements are primary elements (such as Fire) they may be more abstract forms of matter as well (such as sand). They do not allow control of a given element in any other state than the one it's in (i.e. ice does not control water, etc.) Logia users are sometimes known to transform into their element in order to avoid getting physically struck.

Obtaining a Devil Fruit

Devil Fruits are extremely hard to find in the world and impossible to come across without moderator permission. 

If you do manage to find a Devil Fruit and eat it, then you should know what system costs accompany it. If you’ve looked at the trait guide, you’ll have seen the Devil Fruit trait.

Devil Fruit User (1+Traits): The player has received the ____ ____ no mi (the ____ ____ fruit) and has had their character to eat this fruit. Since this fruit is a rank X fruit, this fruit costs [X+1] traits. This trait allows this character to create one free Rank 8 technique. This technique signifies the basics of their devil fruit and any attack involving their Devil Fruit must be within that technique tree.”

Devil Fruit Tiers

Once you have eaten a Devil Fruit, your character automatically takes this trait and upon whatever powers the fruit bestows upon them. The cost of the fruit varies, depending on various factors, so below we have a chart for it.

Tier Description Example
0 Fruits that are unbalanced for Player use or are restricted for some reason. These fruits are usually restricted to moderator controlled NPCs.

Yami Yami no Mi

Gura Gura no Mi

Ope Ope no Mi

1 Paramecia with abstract or fundamentally "weak" effects resulting in limited adaptability or effectiveness. Jake Jake no Mi
2 Most Basic Zoans. Uma Uma no Mi
3 Paramecia with versatile effects which automatically make the user a tricky or "annoying" opponent to beat, Basic Zoans with one extra attribute.

Gomu Gomu no Mi

Kame Kame no Mi

Bara Bara no Mi 

4 Logia of non-destructive matter, Paramecia with debilitating effects, Zoans with two extra attributes.

Moku Moku no Mi

Doku Doku no Mi

5 Logias of non-destructive matter with quirky abilities and Zoans with three extra attributes.

Suna Suna No Mi

Hie Hie no Mi

6 Logias of destructive matter, Paramecias that can potentially end the battle with a single hit and all Mythical Zoans.

Magu Magu no Mi

Goro Goro no Mi

Tori Tori no Mi: Model Phoenix

Eating a Devil Fruits

Under normal circumstances, when you eat a devil fruit, you will use up the full amount of traits required and gain it's power. However, there are certain exceptions to the standard.

Eating a Devil Fruit when you are already a Fruit User, will result in your character exploding violently and dying within seconds. We may intervene if someone ‘tricked’ your character into eating a fruit and will make the second fruit a fake one. However, if you at any point consciously eat two or more real Devil Fruits, your character will die without question.

Eating a Devil Fruit when you do not have enough free traits to properly purchase the trait, will not be an issue. Any Fated and/or unused traits you have will go towards the Devil Fruit trait. Additionally, any general traits earned will go towards the Devil Fruit trait, until it is ‘paid off.’

Eating a Devil Fruit when you don’t possess enough traits and can’t earn enough traits to pay it off, will result in a moderator intervening. If you knowingly eat a fruit that you cannot eat, the fruit will either be changed to a fake fruit or too a ‘useless fruit, at a moderator’s discretion. If you unknowingly do this, the fruit will be changed into something they can eat.

Custom Fruits

At any time you can submit a Fruit idea to a moderator and ask to have it added to the roleplay. This does not mean that your character will be allowed to have it. But, if it’s a good idea then maybe we’ll put it out there for someone to try and claim.

When submitting a Zoan, it is likely that it will be added to the roleplay. Almost any animal zoan that gets submitted will be added to the roleplay as there’s very little balancing required.

When submitting a Paramecia, try and think of a theme and not a super power. The Gum Gum fruit or Rubber Devil Fruit turns the user into rubber. However, because of the nature of rubber, the user can stretch themselves in surprising ways to perform a variety of techniques.

When submitting a Logia, make sure it’s an element. Logias are usually seldom approved because there are only so many elements in the world. We will not accept made up materials like aeon or chi as elements either, so please refrain from submitting those kinds of things.


NPCs or Non-Playable Characters have different rules than players as they can be used for a variety of purposes. Because of this, each type of NPC has different rules when dealing with devil fruits.

  • Fodder characters are not allowed to eat Devil Fruits.
  • Crewmen are not allowed to eat Devil Fruits.
  • Personal NPCs are only allowed to eat Basic Zoan Devil Fruits, so long as you can find them. In these cases they offer no benefit other than pure aesthetics.
  • Story NPCs are allowed to be Devil Fruit users. They can be given specific Devil Fruits with moderator permission.

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