Description Edit

A temple to the God of the Sea, many come here to pray in front of the Sea God's statue before setting off on a long voyage. The gates that lead into the temple itself stay closed shut until the day of the summer solstice arrives. On that day, a massive festival commemorating the Sea God occurs and the Head Priestess shows herself to everyone

Notable Characters Edit

Head Priestess: A mysterious woman who only comes out on the day of the summer solstice, however even then, none can see her face. The few who have though, claim that she's the most beautiful woman in the world. As the head of the temple and the acting direct messenger to the God of the Sea, her word is law.

Things of Note Edit

  • Some sailors come here to pray before heading off to the Grand Line.
  • It is rumored that the Head Priestess is a Kitsune.

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