Description Edit

Fishman Island is an island that is located 10,000 meters below sea level. It exists in a tunnel that passes through the Red Line and is a gateway from the first half of the Grand Line to what is known as the New World. Pirates and adventurers almost always pass through Fishman Island to reach the New World as the only other alternative is to go over the Red Line, leaving their ships behind and coming dangerously close to the holy city of Mariejois.

Fishman Island is encased in two layers of extremely large bubbles that contain both air and salt water and is located next to an enormous tree known as Sunlight Tree Eve. This tree produces for Fishman Island not only its breathable air, but it also grants the island a light source as it transfers absorbed sunlight from higher up in the ocean down to its roots, illuminating the island.

The island's population consists of Fishmen, Merfolk, and a few Hangyojin. The island is run by a monarchy whose royal family lives in Ryugu Palace, which is located inside the inner bubble of Fishman Island. Despite the palace's separation from the rest of the islanders, the royal family does not look down on its people and are instead held in high regard. Occasionally, other races such as humans can be seen in Fishman Island. For the most part, these are people looking to cross from the Grand Line to the New World for one reason or another - mostly pirates who have come to search for the One Piece. Fishman Island's inhabitants have grown used to having powerful visitors come through their home and will coexist peacefully with them, but travelers are warned not to discriminate against or disrespect the island's people as the island is not affiliated with the World Government and they will likely retaliate against any racism directed at them.

Player History Edit

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Notable Characters Edit

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Things of Note Edit

  • Located in the middle of a tunnel that exists underneath the Red Line
  • Serves as a gateway to the New World
  • Receives its breathable air and light from a colossal tree known as Sunlight Tree Eve
  • Population consists of Fishmen, Merfolk, and Hangyojin
  • Run by a royal family that lives in the island's inner bubble

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