Fusha Village is a small suburbian farm village on the outskirts of Goa, the capital of Dawn Island. It was once part of the Goa Kingdom before the revolutionaries took over and abolished the monarchy. It is now just a neighboring village to Goa and Grey Terminal about an hours walk away.

Dawn Island is in a cooler climate compared to the Conomi Isles. Much like Yotsuba, the temperature here doesn't get above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It feels like spring year round.

Player History

As of the latest event, Heliophobia, the population of the Revolutionary Army has been wiped out entirely around Fusha Village thanks to a Disease Disease Human that almost annihilated Fusha Village. Unknown whether or not any Revolutionary soldiers remain on Dawn Island, Revolutionary control of Fusha Village is non-existent.

Things to Note

The neighboring town has a lot to note:

  • The Gentrification of the Grey Terminal suburb
  • Lower class civilians moving into High Town
  • No longer under the influence of the now weakened Revolutionary Army.
  • Population considerably low after dealing with a plethora of diseases.
  • The current Mayor is a man named Gerald Hourke. His daughter is named Mya Hourke.