Description Edit

Giannutri is an island well known among most pirates as a place where you can get any sort of information you would need as well as a few items not normally shown around in broad daylight. It has a plethora of normal shops and restaurants which also make it a great tourist attraction. The island has a lot of beautiful nature outside of the bustling towns but not many people care to explore it fully. The people are loud and overbearing and most visitors don’t have the ability to stay for long amounts of time. The island is also run by several strong crime families that live in peace with one another although relations are always very strained over one family gaining more power than the others

Player History Edit

Any Story Arcs that occur are to be listed here.

Notable Characters Edit


Neoterio Valore: Leader of the Valore family, wants his family to take the power on the island in any way they can. Prefers brute force and extortion to diplomatic relations


Renato Palo: Leader of the Palo family, wants his family to take power by doping the citizens. He tries to have honor and works to spread out his drug "elysium" all through the island.


Zeno Leo: Leader of the Leo family, wants his family to come into power by promising all the people who join it unimaginable wealth. Prefers petty tactics and mob rule to have more power than anyone else.

Things of Note Edit

  • Huge tourist attraction for all of the specialty food shops, as well as clothes and jewelry for the higher class.
  • Low public crime rates, the people always act apologetic to one another.
  • Most people are angry and loud sounding but not extremely threatening.

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