Glasswater Village is among one of the few villages populating Nablar. Unlike Telmar which has been undergoing civil war for quite sometime, the city of Telmar has been quite an upstanding place. Not only known for it's wealth, the town itself has been documented has denouncing it's pact with the World Government since the destruction of the island of Crickhollow. Since then the island has been on a steady path of growth and prosperity, leaving many questioning just how they manage to keep the islanders so safe with no marine help.

Fantasy city concept rise to the throne by atomhawk-d8pw1ra-1-

Glasswater in it's former glory

Formerly: The town itself looks almost like a paradise. The townspeople have a grand amount of wealth, which most of the citizens seem to donate to the islands various social gatherings and events. Everyone is polite and friendly and crime is the lowest of any island in the East Blue. They eagerly invite anyone who thinks their town isn't perfect to stay a few nights for free and they guarantee your mind will be changed.

Currently: After a recent, mind control induced riots and killings, the town is mostly in a state of disrepair. Very few buildings are still standing, with only various shops, still being in working conditions. The water surrounding the island is now running red with blood. It will take a lot of time, effort, and spirit for this town to come even close to what it once used to be.

Notable CharactersEdit

Mayor Adrian: A prim and proper youngman who can be often seen sipping tea and trying to keep everyone in line. It seems as if even when he tries to blend in and join in the activities he seems slightly out of place. He has a posh british accent, and always wears a suit no matter the occasion. Though most locals will never notice, he will lie through his teeth if he must. And will do anything to maintain the facade. (Talk to a Moderator if you want to make use of this character)

Things to NoteEdit

  • The water seemed to be as clear as glass, but is no red with blood.
  • Claimed to be the greatest city in the world. This is no longer true now.
  • The buildings were mostly made of a highly reflective metal. However, this was proven to not be very durable.

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