Haki is a manifestation of metaphysical energy, that anyone can do. It allows you to perform incredible acts that seem impossible.

  • Every organism in the world is capable of utilizing Haki, but most people do not.
  • Invisible armor, spirit sensing, and imposing a spirtual pressure are among what Haki can do.

For our purposes, Haki is an extremely hard thing for a character to acquire. It goes without saying that that something like that is unobtainable in a Sea as safe as the East Blue. If you want to acquire real power, you must be willing to take great risk. There are three types of Haki, each covering different abilities.

Types of Haki

Kenbunshoku Haki or Observation Haki

Kenbunshoku Haki

Haki that deals with the ability to sense the presence of others and to take note of what you usually could not. Below are a few bullet points detailing it’s capabilities and limitations.

  • Sense the presence of beings, via an aura, letting you see them even when hidden or a great distance away.
  • Auras can be masked by staying within others with much larger auras.
  • Limited precognition, allowing a person to get a mental image of an attack just before they hit.
  • Some things are immune to prediction, such as inherently random attacks, or attacks that are too powerful or fast to even properly react to.
  • Sense the nature, emotions, and strength level of others.
  • Those with killing intent are more easily sensed and predicted.
  • Without concentration, it can falter making it monumental to stay focused when using it.

Busoshoku Haki or Armanents Haki

Busoshoku Haki

Haki that deals with the ability to protect or withstand. Strong users of this Haki may seemingly project a sort of black coating around whatever is being protected. This haki is also notable for allowing you to hit intangible Logia users. Below are a few bullet points detailing it’s capabilities and limitations

  • Generating invisible armor around anything with a solid form, allowing protection from attacks or increasing the damage of yours.
  • The armor can be generated to cover specific parts of your body or an entire covering if you’re skilled enough.
  • The armor is not indestructible and can be broken with enough power.
  • Bypassing Devil Fruit effects of who have ‘altered’ bodies such as intangibility or being immune to a specific kind of damage.
  • It cannot cancel out Devil Fruit based attacks or abilities.
  • Sustained use of Haki can lead to eventual fatigue and inability to use for quite some time.

Haoshoku Haki or Conqueror’s Haki

Haoshoku Haki

The rarest form of Haki that allows one to forcibly exert their will on a target, causing them to feel the weight of your determination. Most commonly, this form of Haki is powerful enough to knock out those who are far weaker than the practitioner or to stagger and fatigue those who remain conscious. Below are a few bullet points detailing it’s capabilities and limitations.

  • Exerting a willpower onto those weaker than you to knock them out.
  • Inexperienced users can only pick one or everyone around them.
  • More experienced users can single out specific weak targets and leave them unaffected.
  • Used in short bursts it can be used to tame ferocious beasts

Obtaining Haki

Haki is arguably one of the more powerful abilities in canon, so obtaining it will be harder than most.

Haki cannot be obtained in the Blues. Simply put, the Blue Seas are not dangerous enough for you to unlock something like Haki. We recommend making your way into the Grand Line and putting yourself in some real danger.

You cannot learn it by seeing it. Just because you know of Haki and have seen it before, does not mean you can attempt to use it. This is not something that can just be copied and learned.

It will not be unlocked through engineered situations. For the purposes of the roleplay, Haki and only be unlocked via mini arcs or interactions with mod controlled NPCs. Whomever is running the arc can make a request for your to earn Haki, but you cannot.

Not everyone can get Conqueror's Haki. Every character that joins the roleplay is given a starting roll. If you don’t get it there, your character will more than likely be unable to obtain it.


NPCs or Non-Playable Characters have different rules than players as they can be used for a variety of purposes. Because of this, NPC have different rules when dealing with haki.

  • No NPC in the Blues should have Haki. It does not matter how strong you perceive this character to be. There may be exceptions with express moderator permission, but these will be rare.
  • Within the Grand Line, Fodder and Crewmen are not allowed to have Haki. Story NPCs are allowed to have Haki. Personal NPCs, may be allowed to if the player character has obtained it as well.
  • Within the New World, any non-Fodder NPC is allowed to have Haki.

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