THE hunting town of East Blue. If you're a hunter, this is the place to be to make money. The forests surrounding the town lies host to a bunch of unique and dangerous wolves whose pelts can sell for a pretty hefty price. In the past, there was a wolf that terrorized the town. This wolf was practically the king of Harfang and no hunter ever survived encountering it. The wolf was even rumored to be able to take down Sea Kings. More than three decades ago, the legendary hunting duo, Deum et Deae, took the beast on and although they failed, one half of the duo managed to live on and settle down in Harfang. Now that the beast has been slain, Harfang remains as the most prosperous fur trading town in East Blue.

Player HistoryEdit

The Beast of Harfang resurfaces after a 30 year hiatus that came from the death of Orion from the legendary hunting duo, Deum et Deae. Hunters from all over gather to try and slay the Beast. A test is given to see if people are strong enough to survive in the forest. Sora Rei, Zain, and Eddward all pass the test as Sora Rei and Zain head into the forest with Artemis, the only surviving member of Deum et Deae. Eventually, they make their way into the territory of the Beast. Some traumatic shit with Sora Rei happened  in the past and she fights the Beast. Slaying that foe and recovering the corpse of her father. Zain and Artemis defeat the five wolves in the Beast's pack. They return. There is a party. THE END.

Notable People Edit

Things to NoteEdit

  • Known for high quality furs
  • Also known for dangerous wolves
  • The “Beast” has recently been killed
  • Town is of medium size
  • Surrounded by forests, swamps on the far edges

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