Short, cute and probably way too young to have left home- Haruna has long, light-brown hair with large brown eyes. She's usually seen with a cute, energetic smile spread across her face. She wears a sleeveless leather coat, orange in color, and wears a pair of orange leather pants and an orange captain's hat to match.

On her arms, she wears strange looking, spherical, iron arm-guards, that only protect her wrists. Because of the extreme weight behind them, their purpose seems to be related to some kind of strength training.


Happy, bubbly and energetic, Haruna is constantly running about causing trouble for everybody. She's not an inherently evil person, but her tendency to act before thinking often leaves a trail of destruction in her wake. Haruna is all about fun- and what she considers fun is fighting, eating and messing about. She can be accurately described as clueless, energetic and terrifyingly strong.


An up and coming rookie from the North Blue, Haruna has become well know for her unbelievable strength, leaving her able to carve rocks apart like they were butter. If that wasn't scary enough, the girl is only 14 years old so- yeah.. you just lost an arm wrestle to a 14 year old girl with arms almost as thin as a stick.

As the captain of the Smiling Beast Pirates, she has earned the nickname "Smiling Beast" Chiyoko. In the short amount of time that she has sailed the North Blue, her following of male fans has increased to such a number that, wherever she goes, she typically finds a large group of fans swooning over her; for which she happily and humbly signs autographs.

Combat Style Edit

Haruna typically fights her opponent by aiming to cause the most amount of damage she possibly can in the shortest amount of time, using her overwhelming strength to literally pummel her enemies into the ground relentlessly. He incredibly large anchor means that the power behind each and every blow she lands is guaranteed hurt; if it doesn't kill you instantly anyway. Despite this, her overwhelming strength means that her reaction time and overall ability to take a hit are somewhat lackluster. She's a 14 year old girl after all..


Bloody Mary: A large ship anchor that Haruna uses as her weapon of choice. The weight behind it is unbelievable- how does a 14 year old girl even lift something like that?!

Weighted Gauntlets: Small, spherical weighted arm-guards. They appear to be used for simple strength training, though they are incredibly heavy. (Think Rock Lee's Legweights)

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