Description Edit

Hendrick's Den is a town steeped in sin and treachery. The entire town seems to be a gambler's paradise, where everything can be bargained and everything has a price.

Though there was never any proof, the rumor of the island is that it was named after it was from the world government in a game of poker. The story says that a gambler named Hendrick played a high ranking marine for the rights to the island. Though Hendrick won the game, and the island, the marine in question immediately shot him, as retribution for making him look so terribly to his fellow marines. The deed was then given to his son, who named it after his deceased father.

The island itself runs rampant, with pickpockets and swindlers, all of whom are quite eager to take your money.

Player History Edit

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Notable Characters Edit

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Things of Note Edit

  • The village pays a monthly stipend to the marines, so that they stay away from the town.
  • The crown jewel of the town is a large casino, which seems to be a former amory.
  • Wanted men are allowed to stay at any hotel, free of charge, if they can prove they're wanted.
  • Slavery Rings are abundant here. Be careful to not get caught up in it.

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