The Capital of the Kingdom of Ruffut. Before one can enter the island, they must come to this city and be given permission to do so. Any travelers or passerby without an official pass will be treated as criminals and swiftly dealt with by the Kingdom's army. Their soldiers are stationed all across the island with the bulk of them positioned inside the city, dealing with any signs of trouble with relative speed.

The city is made up of two rings that separate the working middle class and the upper class. In the outer ring lives the working middle class, the craftsmen who bake pastries and tailor clothing. In the inner ring lives Royal Family and the families with some degree of power. They are the rich, the wealthy who has some say in the politics of the Kingdom. The people in this town live relatively peaceful due to the toiling of the soldiers.

Player HistoryEdit

Things to NoteEdit

  • Made up of two rings, the Outer and Inner Ring. The royal and rich live in the inner ring and the workers live in the Outer Ring
  • Soldiers parade around the streets almost 24/7 to keep the streets clean of vermin
  • Anyone visiting the island of Ruffut must come here to acquire a pass before they can head to other towns

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