The Island itself is a beautiful resort, where the season of good times and good weather never really seems to end. The beaches are surrounded by crystal clear waters and Palm trees. Galaville itself is a large manufacturing town that produces an excess of steam power as well as metal castings. This creates an odd juxtaposition of resort town and industrial center, and they are separated by a huge wall. The people are generally friendly, but they all seem to be tourists.

As of the latest event Juxtaposition, The Tower is currently no loner in use, and the resort is being evacuated due to contamination issues and an investigation by marines. The madman and scientist Knives Jakov had apparently purchased the tower and used it for some kind of genetics research.

Player HistoryEdit

Things to NoteEdit

  • The island's main attraction is the absolutely massive resort building, named Topman Tower
  • The Topman Tower is located at the border of the industrial town Galvaville and the beachy resort portion of the island. The tower stretches off above the steam created by Galvaville, and no one truly knows how tall it is.
  • What is known, however, is that this is owned by the principle inventor and mechanical guru, Miles Topman, after whom the tower is named. His fortune is massive, and this tower is what came of it. the bottom few floors are a resort for guests on the island, lush and lavish.

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