Close approximation of Jillian


Age 20
Gender Female
Height 5' 5"
Weight 45kg
Race Human
Affiliation To be determined
Crew None


Jillian bears many scars. Many is an understatement. Despite them, or perhaps in part due to them, she has a haunted beauty about her. She looks like she's sleep deprived, or perhaps ill. Unnaturally pale, her eyes have dark pouches under them. She often smiles, even when she all things considered shouldn't be. She appears to be about twenty years of age, though her sickly appearance make her seem much older. Her face is nicely framed by raven black hair.

Background Info

From an early age, Jillian was taught about various substances and their uses by her father. Do not blame him, he meant well. He was a doctor, a physician, helping the unfortunate souls that fall victim to diseases and plagues. It is not his fault that her knowledge has been put to more nefarious uses. One might suppose that part of the blame can be put on his shoulders. What went on behind closed doors in that home is likely a secret that will go to the grave with Jillian, but she bears many a scar. The scars that were left by her father are likely more psychological than physical, despite her scar-ridden appearance.