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Kaigun town is a village in which there is a heavy marine presence. Once a town focus on carpentry, the town gained an influx of marines after a marine base was built here.

Today over 90% of the town's population are world government personnel, making this the worst or best place to be as a pirate, depending on how you look at it. The town itself is surrounded by a stone wall, along with border checks for those who enter.

It is EXTREMELY advised to not come near this place if you are wanted.

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Familiar Faces in all the Wrong Places Edit

The Arc started out simple, with Captain Wicker berating his men for what was a job done poorly. He yelled, screamed, and even began assaulting and out of order cadet who didn't know when to keep quiet. Fortunately for them, a couple of marines arrived on the scene, stopping the Captain from going any further and putting him in cuffs. After ascertaining what had occurred, the Marines were introduced to both their new Commodore as well as the four new Captains that would be staffing Kaigun Town.

As the day passed, the marines would get to personally meet with these Captains as well as train with them. Each Captain hoped to teach them a more personal way of thinking and how to handle themselves in the field. After the training was done, Commodore Hammon began to show them images of the men who killed King Floyvant and his men. Though some were relatively unknown, a few were. All Marines on staff were asked not only to pursue and apprehend these men if seen but to rat out and bring any dirty marines to justice. After this, they were dismissed and were allowed to seek out justice where they could find it.

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  • There is a marine base present here, along with a high population of the town being marines.
  • The island has border checks. It is advised to not come here if you are wanted.