Description Edit

No proper description of Koh would properly do the island justice. It is unknown what the island was or used to be. No person as knowingly explored it in over a decade. The marines, scientists, explorers, and anyone with a brain will tell you to stay away from here.

Though no public knowledge, the island was home to a village of lepards, though they have all passed. Most of them simply dropped dead where they were standing. It can be believed that the island may have been covered with lush green fields, but that is no longer the case. It has been reported that the island itself is shrouded in a poisonous fog, killing anyone that breathes in even a little of it.

Among what still remains on the island, is a a now ruined village, and a large dilapidated building that appears to have been the victim of a large scale explosion from the inside. There's no telling what might still be here.

Player HistoryEdit

Into the Unknown Edit

Part One : Our story begins as a group of idiots make their way towards a mysterious island. Before they can even reach land, they find the horrifying and wretched creatures attacking them from the sea. Though they managed to fend off these terrors, they couldn't even begin to imagine what comes next.

Part Two : The island itself was full of almost zombie like people, who weren't 'all there.' Their bodies rotted and the people sick, as if being kept just at the brink of death. A lone axeman guided them to a barely functioning building, home to all manner of unspeakable creatures and otherworldly horrors. While inside they found things they would never speak of or hope to see again. By the end of it all, three things were certain. That no one should over go to this place or they will assuredly die.

People of Note Edit

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???: One of the many other worldly and frankly, nonsensical creatures that populate the island. Possessing a keen sense of morality and understanding, this creature is relatively harmless in it's demeanor. The creature itself is a mask, controlling any host completely and rapidly rotting their body until they can no longer move. Unfortunately, once it's current host has expired, it psychically draws in the nearest human being and forces them to put him on. The mask will not come off once worn.

Things to NoteEdit

  • The entire island is covered in a poisonous fog that will quickly kill any living thing that comes near it.
  • There is composition of the fog is unknown and any attempts to combat it, will fail.
  • The general public believes this island is probably the home of a powerful pirate and stay away.
  • The island is home to many items and creatures from the SCP Foundation. Among them are SCP-437, SCP-035, SCP-173, and many more.

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