Description Edit

Kuusela is one of two towns located on the island of Barton. It is a relatively normal town, home to everyday civilians and is generally one of the safest places to live in the North Blue simply because of how ordinary it is.

Kuusela is known for their annual beauty pageants which draw maidens and cross-dressers from all across the North Blue to compete and show off their charms. During this time, Kuusela receives a spike in tourism and its residents know how to take full advantage of it. All sorts of goods and services are sold during the pageant and even people who aren't interested in the pageant itself like to come by and see what's for sale.

Player History Edit

Any Story Arcs that occur are to be listed here.

Notable Characters Edit

Any important NPCs that are living here should be listed here.

Things of Note Edit

  • Relatively normal town, nothing really of note.
  • Hosts yearly beauty pageants and competitions.
  • Plethora of items sold during these competitions from various companies.
  • Rumors of people using performance enhancing drugs.

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