As a dealer, he wears the same garb that any other would wear. Except he has white gloves on and a mask with a third eye to spare. When he isn't a dealer, he is one handsome looking and big man.


Leronira, otherwise known by his fake name "Rare Lion", is a man who indulges in man's greatest desires. Women, money, and power. He has them all and is very outspoken about it when his mask is off. When it is on, however, he acts professionally and like a gentlemen.


When he was a kid, bandits raided his town and burned and killed everything and everyone to the ground. He was left with absolutely nothing in the middle of nowhere, stranded on his island. As he was starving to death, he cursed his sorry ass state. Before Leronira perished, Kagetane chanced upon the kid. He saw something in Leronira and turned his life completely around, giving him everything man could ever desire and taught him how to gamble. Now, Leronira is a dealer in Kagetane's Red Lion Casino.