Description Edit

Lyneel is a town located in the Hindenbeck Kingdom, significantly larger than the royal village of Riqueza. This is where the kingdom's low class citizens have made residence.

The town houses a world government building in the center that exists for the purpose of being involved in the kingdom's affairs alongside the royal family. It is guarded by Marines and, although the whole town of Lyneel is supposed to be overseen by them and also by a portion of the kingdom's military, the town's citizens very rarely even see either factions.

Lyneel is known for being the slums of the Hindenbeck Kingdom and is in very poor shape, leaving the citizens to fend for themselves.

Player History Edit

Any Story Arcs that occur are to be listed here.

Notable Characters Edit

  • The band of theives are the well-known Daring Crew, ran by the Daring Twins.  The Daring Crew is a band of petty thieves made up of young teenagers who were all former orphans of the burned down orphanage.  They had no place to go due to the Hindenbeck Kingdom and it's wealthy residents refusing to grant money to rebuild a new orphanage.  The young teens are notorious for stealing from the people in the area and occasionally from some of the richer residents in Riqueza.
    • Grant D. Daring and Delia D. Daring are the Daring Twins.

Things of Note Edit

  • Considered the slums of the kingdom. Most here work hard and barely get by.
  • Houses a world government building, surrounded by various locally owned businesses.
  • The marines usually only guard the building. Town must fend for themselves essentially.
  • A band of thieves can be found sometimes, comprised, mostly of teenagers. Their base seems to be a burned down orphanage that has yet to be restored.

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