The Manic Spark Pirates

Happy Eyes

Crew Members

Title Name Position 2nd Position
Captain Ron Purcell Engineer Musician
- Lucille Cassidy Cook Fighter
- Sinclair Canepak Doctor Fighter
- Rya Dragonspike Shipwright Fighter


Name Type of Ship


One day, Ron Purcell, previously of the Broken Shackle Pirates, entered a cafe on the island of Brenn. Upon entry he met the excitable barkeep, Lucille Cassidy. The two chatted briefly about Ron's adventures with his previous crew and Lucille expressed her desire to someday go out adventuring for herself. Ron extended an invitation for her to join him as he sought to go back to sea. Feigning reluctance, Lucille initially refused but then eagerly sought to meet up with Ron on the nearby beach, where they could start their journey.

Coincidentally, at the time and place that Ron and Lucille chose to meet, a fishman by the name of Ixiel washed ashore. Soon after, Sinclair Canepak, a doctor Ron had met earlier in the day, appeared from nowhere, offering medical assistance. The fishman assured them that he merely needed to catch his breath after being adrift at sea for several days. After brief introductions, the four decided that their destinies lie together and formed the Manic Spark Pirates.

Shortly after formation, the crew found itself without a ship.  Undeterred, they boarded the ferry running from Brenn to Bellestown, after reading a bulletin in the East Blue Gazette.  The trip was perilous, crossing rough seas and howling winds, but the crew arrived safely at Belle Isle after braving the storm.  Shortly after arrival, the Manic Spark Pirates met up with former associates of their captain, the Blue Bird Pirates.  He announced his departure and the formation of his new crew.  To celebrate, both crews combined for a large party that lasted into the early hours of the morning.


Pirate Crew Name Captain

The Blue Bird Pirates

Jesse Craw