Matumba is a mountain that sticks straight out of the North Blue and reaches up past the clouds. Its inhabitants live in homes that are built into the side of the mountain, dug into the earth itself. They are able to move around the mountain by way of ladders, bridges and slides that they have built.

The mountain's peak is actually a large, circular, flat surface. This is where the mountain's shops, town hall, and other important buildings are located.

The residents of Matumba live a very communal lifestyle, as they were for the most part on their own for most of the town's existence.

Recently, they have built a man-made dock with the cooperation and assistance of the Marines to enable merchants and tourists to visit Matumba.

Player HistoryEdit

It Comes at Twilight Edit

Arriving on the island, all travelers are greeted by the sight of a giant creature flying through the sky. The sight of the beast is enough to make the ferry worker abandon his patrons, forcing them to swim to shore as he ran with his tail between his legs. After coming ashore, they're greeted by a strange man, covered in robes as the smell of fire burns through the air. He would tell the travelers about their god how they wished to serve him and asked them to join them. Those who refused would simply make their way to the town on top the mountain, while others would walk deeper into the woods.

In the town, the mayor would tell them about the cultists below and their kidnapping habits as well as the large creature that loomed over their village. They would ask for help dealing with the creature and with recusing their villagers. The travelers would agree of course. With the cultists, they would be told of their mission and how they served their god willingly. They would sacrifice captives gained from the village and if they wished to help, they'd be given monetary compensation.

Through separate trials and tribulations, the travelers would go through, they would all eventually end up in a knuckle down brawl against the cultists which would only end with the cultists battered and bruised as the creature would arrive. Through teamwork and quick thinking, the bird would eventually be restrained, allowing them to collect their fee and be on their way.

Things to NoteEdit

  • It's a straight climb up the mountain as soon as one gets off the dock
  • There is a large, primitive elevator built into the mountain's side that goes straight to the top for the transportation of cargo and goods that arrive at the dock
  • Despite the villagers' cooperation with the Marines, the island is not under Marine jurisdiction
  • Once every two weeks, colorful lights appear high above the clouds that can only be seen from Matumba's peak
  • The town is financially bankrupt after the aftereffects of It Comes at Twilight.