Mt. Pire is a mountain known far and wide in the East Blue. For every village on the island of Nablar, it a source of income and great wealth. The mountain itself is host to many valuable ores so it's a must for aspiring Merchants and Blacksmiths. It's even rumored that Seastone can be found here, but that's hard to prove.


Quaint, isn't it?

The base of the mountain has a dusty old town, where miners and various people live. A bar, a small cramped motel, and various goods and supplies stores. This is not a place to come if you're looking for something a bit more luxurious.

Among the people that come here, are bandits. Whether it be on your way out or in the mines themselves, bandits are prevalent throughout the mountain, eager to make a profit on some poor unsuspecting fool. Caution is advised if you come here.

Player HistoryEdit

Things to NoteEdit

  • Mountain may be full of various ores.
  • Sea stone may be found here.
  • Not much of a town at base camp.
  • Mountain has an intricate cave system. May be full with various creatures.

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