Omara is small village in the East Blue, known mostly by hunters for it's incredible game - as a result, the village has a thriving meat and livestock industry, being sourced by much larger towns in the East Blue, such as Loguetown and Glasswater.

The small village on Omara sports an almost urban-slum kind of architecture, surrounded with log palisades that keep the monsters out and the citizens in. The village has recently become a haven for mercenaries and bounty hunters hired to help protect the village from monsters - as such, the atmosphere is a harsh but lively one.

Outside of the village, monsters roam freely, generally living peacefully unless provoked. They are ranked by danger level on a scale of 1 to 10, the higher being more dangerous.

Player HistoryEdit

Rumble Rumble in Omara Edit

Players were hired, recruited as mercenaries, to help the town with it's Monster problem. Some searching would lead them to find an old temple filled with traps and riddles. Inside, they would find something called the Rosetta Heart, a crystal capable of powering hundreds upon hundreds of machines - naturally, it was also the cause of the monsters insanity. It was promptly taken, and the monster's demeanor returned to normal, restoring relative peace to the village.

Things to NoteEdit

  • Large Swamp surrounding Town
  • Town is full of mercenaries
  • Surrounded by Monsters

Notable People Edit


Cerebella Winston - In charge of all mercenary operations and recruiting.

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