Patricia is a strong caring woman who loves her family a lot.  By family, she means, Edd and Hendrik.  She hates her ex-husband who is now deceased.  She doesn't know that Edd has become a pirate, so she would probably have a hard time learning about his actions.  She is a serious and diligent person, but has a good sense of humor and knows when to have fun.  She would risk her life to protect something important to her.  She can create strong bonds with people.  She has a strong desire to protect the world from all kinds of dangers to prevent things that happened in her life from happening to other people.  She is also fairly strict.

Character StatsEdit

Strength 60
Stamina 55
Agility 50
Perception 50


Weapon and Armor:Edit

Emerald Jian, named "The Asian Beast":  a steel-double edged straight sword.  The hilt of the sword is made out of emerald and the sheath is as well.  It is valued at around 35,000 Beli.  


Green Sting! -  Patricia stabs at her opponent multiple times with her Emerald Jian in a very quick fast motion.

Dragon Bite! - Patricia flips her jian around as she holds it downwards.  She jumps at her opponent, slamming her jian down into her opponent like a bite.

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