Patricia has been a marine for most of her adult life, taking a strong and serious tone towards the law and those who would break it. She does not believe in absolute justice, but she believes in absolutely enforcing justice without exception. After spending the last few years bringing justice to various wanted criminals around the other Blue Seas, she returns to the North Blue, with the rank of Commodore.

She'll be in charge of most marines in the region making the big calls in what and how to deal with the problems arising on each island.


Patricia is a strong caring woman who loves her family a lot. With her ex-husband now deceased and one of her sons, now dead and the other an infamous pirate, she's become hardened, taking a much more serious stance against criminals than she did before. She is a serious and diligent person, but has a good sense of humor and knows when to have fun.

She considers her marine unit her family and would risk her life if it meant keeping the unit intact. She has a strong desire to protect the world from all kinds of dangers to prevent any other parent from experiencing what happened to her children.  She's incredibly strict, expecting those below her to fulfill their duty and to bring back results, regardless of how they personally choose to accomplish them.

Character Stats

Strength ???
Stamina ???
Agility ???
Perception ???

Combat Style

Patricia's nickname, the Green Hornet comes from the double-edged blade she wields, crafted from a large emerald. The blade itself being able to resistant most types of non-physical damage, allows her to wield it in a very vicious and offensive manner like one might expect from an extremely angry hornet. It's heavily rumored that should she ever personally engage you in combat, she will not stop until you rip the sword from her hands.