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In the world there is a large variety of intelligent beings, besides humans, having created their own cultures, traditions, sources of technology and communities. These beings reside not only on the land, but under the sea, in the sky and even in outer space. All of them have developed unique mental and physical adaptations to these different environments. As the roleplay continues, more races will be added for players to know about.

A list of all race traits can be found here.

Human Edit

Human beings are the dominant race in the world, as they outnumber most other races by a vast amount. They control the world government and most land masses in the world, giving them by far the most 'power' of all the races in the world.

Strength Edit

Humans are usually the most technologically advanced, however this varies greatly depending on where in the world they live. Humans can also vary in appearance in size (no greater than thirteen feet tall), some even having various animal attributes or even looking much like demons. There is no known explanation or reasoning for this however, and everyone can potentially have their own stories. However the average human is as strong as one in real life, making them the weakest race. Despite this, they somehow dominate most of the world.

Beliefs Edit

Humans operate much like they would in real life. Though their are governments and factions in existance, normal human comradery only goes so far. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, hopes and dreams, and this extends to every race really. Aside from the world government, the marines, or loyalty to ones own nation or home, their is no general belief that truly extends to all humans.

Humans are available for player use.

Fishmen Edit

Appearing much more like fish than human, Fishmen are one of two humanoid species that inhabit and rule the seas. Fishmen generally have arms, legs (sometimes tentacles), and gills to breathe underwater. However much like the various species of fish, Fishmen also vary in appearance and attributes. Fishmen may also vary in size (like humans, a player fishman can be no taller than 13 feet). What's clear however is that fishmen ARE NOT human and it is impossible to confuse the two.

Strengths Edit

Boasting greater strength than a normal human and the ability to breath under water, it is not wrong to say that fishmen are generally unchallenged in the water. Like fish, their movements are not hampered while submerged and they seem to have a limited ability to communicate with sea creatures. In particular, Fishmen seem adept at communicating with large sea monsters, and possess a unique capacity to bring out the primal rage in such creatures. However, they posses no capability to communicate with seakings.

Lastly, as their species varies, so can their abilities. They have unique abilities, matchings those of the species they are based on, that make them further superior to ordinary humans outside of the physical strength difference.

Beliefs Edit

Fishmen have a long and deep history of being abused and hated by humans. As far back as any of them can remember, they have been regarded as second class citizens throughout the world. Though not all of them, a great amount of Fishmen hold a deep hatred for humans and hold little to no regard for their lives. Most however, just wish to be treated the same as humans.

Fishmen are available for player use.

Merfolk Edit

Merfolk are one of the two major races that inhabit the sea, having a much more human appearance than Fishmen. Merfolk are sometimes called mermen or mermaids by humans but all these terms mean the same thing to them. Most merfolk look human above the waist and sport a large fish tail below it. However, if a merfolk makes it to dry land, their tail splits in two, acting as legs so they can walk among humans. Male merfolk generally retain a more fish like upper body than the females of their race.

Strength Edit

Like fishmen, merfolk they posses a pair of gills and lungs to breathe on both land and sea. Merfolk are often regarded as faster than fishman, moving much faster in the water than would be the case on land. They also have the ability to generate sound waves underwater in order to summon fish. However, like fishmen they have no power to communicate with or control seakings.

Beliefs Edit

As Merfolk can usually pass for human, they're mostly peaceful and prefer to live in secret than openly expose themselves. However, merfolk have been subjected to the same hardships that fishmen have by humans. They also seem to have a much stronger foothold on Fishmen Island than the Fishmen themselves.

Merfolk are available for player use.

Hangyojin Edit

A being that is of both fishman and human descent. While managing to obtain a mostly human appearance, these characters do indeed possess fishman attributes, however they can usually be hidden fairly easily. Oddly enough, further interbreeding with humans appears to remove all apparent merfolk features. After just two generations, the only merfolk trait is a fast swimming ability, with all other physical traits being human.

Strength Edit

Being half fishmen, Hangyojins possess some level of higher strength than normal humans. In addition, depending on their parent's species, they may also possess some special attributes.

Beliefs Edit

Hangyojins are usually quite rare in the world, possibly due to the hostility between humans and fishmen. As such they are rarely found in Fishmen or Merfolk communities. In fact, most don't seem to possess gills so this would be largely impossible. As such there is no real community or shared beliefs among them.

Hangyojins are available for player use.

Skypiean Edit

Skypieans are among the various factions of the Sky Islands. Like all Sky Islanders, they posses a pair of miniature wings on their backs which lack any real use. They all reside with the same area and usually know each other quite well.

Strengths Edit

The Skypieans are extremely skilled with dials, being knowledgeable enough to use them in everyday life.

Beliefs Edit

The Skypieans are mostly a non-aggressive race who live peacefully on the Sky Islands. They are often protected by the Shandia tribe, despite their mostly non religious beliefs and heritage. They greet each other by saying 'Heso' (which is Japanese for bellybutton) often while putting their hand against their head and sticking two fingers up. The Skypieans see no value in gold or money, seeing dirt and soil as much more valuable because of their rarity up in the clouds.

Skypieans are available for player use.

Shandia Edit

The Shandia tribe are among the various factions of the Sky Islands. The Shandia are human beings who have a more native american appearance, their skin often decorated with tribal tatoos that cover large sections of their body.Like all Sky Islanders, Shandia posses a pair of miniature wings on their backs which lack any real use. They often do battle with the giant snakes of the Sky Islands in order to prove their mettle. As a tribe they all live within the same area and generally know each other quite well.

Strengths Edit

The Shandia are a proud warrior tribe who are extremely dedicated to worship. Their beliefs and dedication, they have existed for 400 years and never lost sight of their cause.

Beliefs Edit

Originally, the Shandia believed largely in ancestor worship. A large part of their religion centers around a golden bell in the city of Shandora. By ringing it, the spirits of their ancestors can follow its sound back to their island and live in a species of white trees that lives there. In addition to this, they also once worshiped many gods, some of which were a race of giant snakes that inhabited Jaya.[1] Human sacrifice was once practiced; they believed that sacrificing their people to their god, a giant snake called Kashigami, they could cure diseases as well as lift many other omens.

While the modern Shandia still worship their ancestors, much has changed over the passing centuries and they have abandoned many of their traditional beliefs. They stopped their more traditional beliefs, such as sacrifice, and belief in gods, after a mysterious man cured their village of disease. They, like the Skypieans, see no value in gold despite having initially a whole city of gold, since to them dirt and soil is far more valuable.

The Shandia are available for player use.

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