Description Edit

Red-Sand Ridge refers to a mining camp located on Moloch Horridus. It is located in the middle of a large desert and is decently far from any civilization. Inside the mines are general ores and huge deposits of red sand - a fairly sought after material for weaponry and tools. There is one railroad that connects Red-Sand Ridge to Sunset Springs. There is a cliffside near the camp that overlooks the North Blue sea.

Player History Edit

Any Story Arcs that occur are to be listed here.

Notable Characters Edit

Any important NPCs that are living here should be listed here.

Things of Note Edit

  • Home to the largest Red-Sand mine in the entire North Blue; the inside is a sweltering 65 degrees celsius.
  • The perfect location for couples to watch the sunset over the cliff at the water’s edge.
  • Also the go-to place for burying bodies.

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