Red Hill is typically described by the average person as a pirates paradise. An island where wanted men roam free to do as they please, free from the hunt of the marines. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Due to the nature of pirates, every second on that island is a second you need to watch your back. Not all pirates are friendly people, and this island will teach you that in spades.

Like the marines, those that are strong have power here. Those that are weak had better just stay out of there way.

Red Hill is physically described at being relatively red as the soil is maroon colored. However, in the inner portion of the island, there is a very large forest that encompass most of the entire island. It is a rather lush forest with the red soil; it's reminiscent of Sherwood Forest except a tad thicker. On the north end of the island, the forest tends to be a lot more thicker acting as a jungle more so than a lush forest. In the very center of the island, there is a very large red rocky hill, much like Ayers Rock except more edgier. There are several caves along the side of this rocky hill; some very long and some short.

Player HistoryEdit

Recusing Louis Parker Edit

The son, Louis Parker (14), of a rich business man, Richard Parker (41), was recently seen running away to Red Hill. He has yet to be turned into the authorities, and the veteran soldier charged with bringing him back has not yet returned. He was also nowhere to be found on the beach where he was stationed to wait for strong individual men to bring the boy back too. A group of pirates (Chen, Izeas, Fenrir, Eoin, and Naoki) had set foot on Red Hill to search for a missing runaway boy by the name of Louis Parker to receive some reward money for bringing him back. They had encountered some lowly mooks on the island, but nothing extraordinary happened or any large fight sequence occurred.

Things to NoteEdit

  • The entire island is run and controlled by pirates. The marines have no jurisdiction here.
  • This is an island where anyone can stab you in the back. Don't come here expecting safety.

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