Description Edit

A gated off community, the village of Riqueza is home to only the wealthiest families of the North Blue, including Hindenbeck Kingdom's royal family. It is surrounded by tall mountains and a sturdy gate guarded by the royal family's own highly trained military, making it an incredibly safe place to live for its wealthy residents.

The village is closed off to the public, as the right to even stand within the walls are reserved for only those of high social or economic standing. Even the people who come to bring the village supplies have their business done outside the walls, never even catching a glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle that lay beyond the gate.

Player History Edit

Any Story Arcs that occur are to be listed here.

Notable Characters Edit

King transforming to introduce himself
King Gaius Astarov (Age 60): Foolish and indulgent, the King of Hindenbeck is nothing more than a figurehead for his people. However, his arrogance and incompetence are unmatched. Not only does not realize his wife is actually running things, but he is blissfully unaware that entire kingdom knows he wears a wig.
Queen Elmora Astarov (Age 48): The conniving and capable queen of the Hindenbeck Kingdom. Although she married into the family, she is by far the best suited to rule. Despite appearances, she runs the kingdom from behind the scenes, making her much more valuable than her husband. She will also do literally anything for the sake of her children. No, I mean literally anything.
Prince Rudolph Astarov (Age 24): Prince Rudolph is the eldest child of the royal family, making him heir to the throne. Among the many words used to describe him he can be called handsome, genuinely kind, a playboy, swordsman,and a gentleman. Despite his position, he's not arrogant in the least. In fact, you could say he's naive to the real world. He's spent all of his life inside the safety of Riqueza, making him oblivious to the outside world.
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Princess Marina Astarov (Age 22): Pompous and two-faced, the princess is quite literally a horrible example of a human being. Flaunting her status to all who will listen, she puts on airs and pretends to be friendly. Though she is not usually genuine, she does care for her family. All except for her younger brother, whom she treats horribly
Prince Tarquin Astarov (Age 16): A rebellious and jaded young man, who hates living trapped in Riqueza, wants to see the world but is afraid to leave the kingdom. He resents his brother's perfect personality and how his sister never faces consequences for her attitude. He secretly sneaks out through a hidden mountain pass and is a part of the band of thieves based in Lyneel who do not know who he truly is

Things of Note Edit

  • Housing the wealthy, this village is where the royal family reside.
  • Military presence here is strict.
  • Simply looking like a commoner is enough to get you removed from this place.
  • The Queen sometimes hosts balls and invite many residents to attend.

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