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The Savory Plains are a hunters dream and an animal's worst nightmare. Here, animals are hunted, killed, prepared, and then feasted upon. This is the day to day activity that everyone loves and everyone agrees upon. It is a common belief here, that despite any cultural, political, or societal differences, it can all be solved with a delicious piece of meat. Except for cannibalism, that's punishable by death.

The Royal Family is also stationed here and would have happily welcomed any into their kingdom who truly enjoy tasty meat. However, after the events of Welcome to Our Humble Home the kingdom if Floyvant has gone into a period of isolation.

Main Story: Welcome to Our Humble Home Edit

The island of Floyvant, home to a longstanding royal family who has kept the island isolated from both the age of piracy and the world at large, had decided to host a festival. King Terrack G. Floyvant had decided that the time had come to pass the crown down to his son, Dorian. Dorian, like most young people in Floyvant, seemed to desire a life that allowed them to see the world and experience a life that could be outside of their kingdom. Though the King was apprehensive, he decided he would do better to help his son then to fight him as he grew old.

King Floyvant had decided to not only open their borders but to personally allow the marines onto their island to handle the majority of the security for the island. Something that would likely be his downfall.

The events took place over the span of 3 days, the first welcoming people to the island and letting them tour the kingdom. He would tell them all the purpose of these events, as well as the promise of a Devil Fruit. He had hoped that by the end of these events, he would be able to find someone suitable to handle the power of said fruit as well as help advise his son in running the kingdom. However more important part was to celebrate the recent birth of his granddaughter. And like any proud grandparent, he had to, of course, show her off to the world.

The second, allowing them to sample their culture and their way of life. Events that challenged one's fortitude, cunning, and combat skill. There were also other events that tested one's creativity and a determination. After the final moments of a tournament, the night would lead into a banquet, where everyone could wine, dine, and enjoy themselves for this final night of festivities and potential prizes. However, this would end in tragedy, as both the King and his son, would be executed by the hands of an unknown villain. And try as they might, it would seem that no one would be able to stop this unknown man or his crew of despicable cohorts.

In the end, the kingdom concluded that it was King's brother, Duke Silas Floyvant, who was behind everything and he was imprisoned for his alleged crimes. Assuming the throne was the Duchess Filia Floyvant, who reverted the Kingdom to its previous rules and banished anyone from entering their borders again.

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Notable Characters Edit

Queen Filia
Queen Filia V. Floyvant: Filia is known by many as a kind, though sometimes lecherous royal who is relatively loved by her people. While her brothers handle the economic, political, and social aspects of the Kingdom she is one that handles more of the culture. Filia is the one who plans most of the events that happen throughout the year.

While to the general public she may seem kind and otherwise worthy of her throne, she rarely exposes her true nature. Something only both her brothers are wary of. Filia likes control, it’s why she focuses on the cultural and historical upkeep. She believes that what’s written in the books is what will stand for the longest and she hopes more than anything to change those customs.

After the events of Welcome to our humble home, she became queen and banished all outsiders from her kingdom, her second act as queen. Her first was imprisoning her brother Silas for his alleged role in Terrack and Dorian's murder.

Duke Silas
Duke Silas C. Floyvant: The King's brother and possibly his closest friend. Where the King would be considered joyful and inviting, Silas would be seen as cold and distant. While some would think being second to the King would be a great job, for Silas that couldn’t be further from the truth. Silas could honestly be considered the brains behind the operation. The nation itself is largely self-sufficient, he’s still in charge of all the politics and basic trade that goes into keeping everyone safe and happy.

Possibly as a result of Silas’ rather stressful job, he’s aggressive, short with others, and somewhat unpleasant to be around. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Silas enjoys having control, he enjoys making everything work and watching it work. The job is stressful of course, but he’d rather be behind the scenes than do as his brother. After the events of Welcome to Our Humble Home, Silas was imprisoned for his alleged role in Terrack and Dorian's murder.

Princess Tarinan
Princess Tarinan Floyvant: She was the prince’s wife and future queen of Floyvant. With Filia taking up the mantle of queen, this directly prevented her path to the throne, as well as preventing any future possibilities. She's an extremely sweet and kind woman, happy to take care of her daughter than worry about the stresses of royalty or politics.
Baby Momosia
Baby Momosia: The prince’s infant daughter, now left behind in his tragic death. She always loved the sight of her grandfather and seemed to always bring a smile to any who saw her.
King Terrack G. Floyvant: The headstrong and loveable king of the Floyvant Kingdom. Though he does not agree with vegetarians, he respects their right to choose and allows them to remain in his kingdom. Just not within the Savory Plains. However, speaking ill of his family or his people and you may find yourself on the wrong side of the hunt. He died after the events of Welcome to our Humble Home, due to a fast-acting poison. [DECEASED]
Prince Dorian
Prince Dorian R. Floyvant: The Prince is the only son of King Terrack and heir to the throne. He’s young and idealistic, meaning that his inevitable rule will bring about much change within the kingdom. His first thoughts are about expanding outside of the kingdom and forming an alliance with other nations. He wishes to bring this nation of hunters and gathers into a more modern and international lifestyle. He died after the events of Welcome to our Humble Home, due to an assasin's bullet. [DECEASED]

Things of Note Edit

  • Contains large enclosure containing imported animals from all over.
  • Vegetarians are removed and taken directly to Garlic Gardens.
  • Upsetting the Royal Family can make you part of the hunt.
  • Outsiders are no longer welcome on this island. Trespassing here is punishable by death.
  • All of the trees on Floyvant are extremely dense, making them very unsuitable for sailing.