Description Edit

Stonewall Valley is a hotbed for inventors, scientists, and engineers of all kinds to come and further their skills and crafts among like-minded individuals. Most of the inhabitants specifically study cybernetic replacements for human parts, working to perfect the fragile and weak human body.

In the center of the city, there is a fight club where inventors bring their creations to fight one another. This not only furthers the inventor's reputation and social standing in the community, but is also helpful for others to learn and continue to perfect their craft by observing its use in practical combat.

While most of Stonewall Valley's residents are inventors, there are normal civilians that live there as well. The city itself has become a popular tourist attraction - particularly the Cyborg Arena. Some even come to become cyborgs themselves.

Player History Edit

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Notable Characters Edit

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Things of Note Edit

  • Known far and wide as the Boomtown of the broken down
  • Town is full of inventors and scientist who specialize in cybernetic replacements.
  • Local fight club where cyborgs compete to prove who has the best cybernetics.
  • Vendors may often to go great lengths to attempt and purchase any cybernetics you have.

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