Description Edit

Sturgeon is one of two towns located on the island of Barton. It is exclusively a fishing village as almost every person in the village, male and female, are fishermen. Sturgeon sustains itself from the fish its villagers catch daily. Essentially, the whole lifestyle of the village revolves around fish.

Sturgeon doesn't get nearly as many visitors as their neighboring town Kuusela, especially during their annual beauty pageant, but they do get a few occasional travelers looking to try their delicacies. Sturgeon is, after all, known for their delicious seafood.

Player History Edit

Any Story Arcs that occur are to be listed here.

Notable Characters Edit

Any important NPCs that are living here should be listed here.

Things of Note Edit

  • Fishing town, town's entire economy relies upon it.
  • Strong smell of fish no matter where you are here.
  • All meals here involve seafood. Even the drinks involve seafood.

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