Description Edit

Sunset Springs is a small town located on Moloch Horridus. Despite the island being known for being lawless as a whole, this small settlement is the exception as it does have some sort of legal structure which is more than the rest of the island can say. The town itself is relatively normal, although the town's prison isn't exactly that secure and the prisoners are able to do as they wish for the most part. There is also a train station that can bring passengers to Kaaiti City or Red-Sand Ridge, though why any normal civilian would wish to go to either of these places is unknown.

Player History Edit

Any Story Arcs that occur are to be listed here.

Notable Characters Edit

Any important NPCs that are living here should be listed here.

Things of Note Edit

  • A small town with a sheriff; the closest thing to law on the island
  • A minimum security prison here houses low-level criminals that frequently mingle with the community,
  • Has a train station that connects it to Kaaiti City and Red-Sand Ridge.
  • Locals often mention something they call “The Great Emu War”, but refuse to talk about it in detail.
  • Has a bank.

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