The town of Telmar is one of strength, courage, and valor. One of the only monarchies in the East Blue, the town of Telmar is ruled by King Azurada. He is described by whimsical by his people, opting for spectacle over substance.

The great mainstay of Telmar is it's arena, where various people come to fight both for sport and for prize. Those who commit crimes are also forced to fight, though they'll be lucky if they can make it out alive.

Currently the town is under a large civil war, as many a finding this King's rule to be ineffective and weak. Coming here is unadvised and you may be killed simply for looking or entering the wrong part of town.

Player HistoryEdit

Notable People Edit

King Azurada: A free spirited young man who seems to not age, even after twenty years of kingship. He's worked hard to maintain a strong relationship with his people and doing everything he can to keep them happy. Though only trying to satisfy does not a true leader make.

Things to NoteEdit

  • The town has an arena where various people can come and fight for prize or sport.
  • City has a thriving financial district.
  • There is a palace somewhere in town where a royal family lives.
  • Recently dealt with a Civil War, that was believed to be perpetrated, by some angry, flat brunette.

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