Description Edit

Tsukipika is one of two cities located on the island of Turnentide, where the ocean's tide has a significant effect on both of the cities. During the daytime, Tsukipika is completely submerged in the ocean and does not surface until nighttime.

Tsukipika's inhabitants have adapted to their situation by fashioning homes out of the many ships that have sunken in the city's location. They are mostly active during the night when Tsukipika is above water and are safe from drowning during the day due to the air pockets created inside of the ships that they live in.

While their living conditions may seem strange to outsiders, the residents of Tsukipika have gotten used to it and have found ways to thrive despite the odds. Most of the people who live there are involved in treasure hunting in the deep sea and use what they find to help sustain their way of life.

Player History Edit

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Notable Characters Edit

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Things of Note Edit

  • Submerged while the sun is out. The town is mostly awake during the night.
  • Homes made from sunken ships.
  • Pockets of air allow them to breathe while underwater.
  • Town thrives via treasure hunting and deep sea diving

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