Everyday is a party in the town of Turnup. It is the premier destination for families on vacation and tourists on the island of Ruffut because there is one thing here that isn't really present in any other place on the island. And that one thing is that in the red-light district, the soldiers regulating the rules are extremely lax with their job. Anybody that comes to this town has one and only one thing on their mind and that is to turn up.

There are two main parts to the town. The first part is where the families come to stay at for a nice, fun, and relaxing couple of days. But the other part, the red-light district, is where the real party takes place. Alcohol, women, drugs galore, tourists come from all over to take part in parties that could quite possibly leave you dead.

Player HistoryEdit

Things to NoteEdit

  • Made up of two sections, the red-light district and the main district
  • The red-light district is where the crazy parties take place at
  • Rumored to have an addicting new drug
  • In the red-light district, the soldiers are extremely lax with their job

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