The Navis Santorum is a ship that was bought by the five original members of Visceral. Though, it's not a palace or a castle, it's what they all call home. The ship contains enough room to properly hold up to six people, along with several amenities to make travelling easier. On the deck of the ship, there's a navigation deck, which has almost three-hundred sixty degrees of vision for the navigator to look out over the ocean. The upper level contains four bedrooms as well as a gallley, where the crew can eat meals together. On the lower you'll find a lounge area for crew members to relax or to entertain guests. In the back of the ship is another bedroom along with a sickbay which would obviously be where your crew doctor would stay. All of this, able to travel at a speed of sixteen knots per hour. This spacious craft can be yours for the wonderful price of sixteen easy payments of 3,599. Call now, our loyal sales people are standing by, just waiting for your order.

Name Type of Ship
Navis Stultorum

Speedy Pete

Attack Armor Health Speed Cargo Space Crew Space Equipment Slots
140 50 600 16 60 6 5


A kiss, a call, and some chains. That's how this crew was started. Though their means of assembly weren't exactly conventional, they function just like a crew all the same. Granted, there's probably a lot more things breaking on board the ship.


Dumb Kid Mad Scientist Sweet and Sour Cyborg
Info Box Souji Info Box Silver Info Box Lucy
Souji M. Yuuto Silver Smith Lucille Cassidy
Fabulous Deadman Food Poisoning Temptress
Info Box Kota Info Box Matsu
Kota Shizu Matsu Blackwood


Who would be dumb enough to work with these guys? No seriously, have you met these idiots? They are without a doubt the most unpredictable and destructive band of assholes you can possibly meet. And if you somehow have the displeasure of being hunted by these guys, then you might as well turn yourself in now.