"It's a crab arm. Didn't your mother tell you it's rude to stare?"

William's defining feature is his ability to always look bored. That, and his crab arm.

Other than those two things, everything else about him is as what it seems. He's 6'6", has a strong but slender build. He's got medium length dirty blonde hair, and hazel colored eyes.


To the outside world William is boring. Those that get to know him will learn that he is indeed very boring. However, become his family and he might not try to dissect you in your sleep.

William enjoys experiments on willing and unwilling specimens alike. But he mostly enjoys self-experimentation as it's the most direct way to derive information. A third party can be "unwilling" or unconscious, it's much easier to get a reliable conclusion with self-experimentation as no one is trying to hinder his research for their own "safety" or "well being."

He has a twisted sense of what's right and wrong, but doesn't really care about how the world views him. Everything he does is for the sake of humanity, even if they don't understand why it is yet.


Why did all of the pets in William's town go missing? Who knows... not either of William's multiple step-mothers who mysteriously vanished as well.

Either way, it's safe to say don't go digging around William's childhood manner. Which is still standing to this day, surprisingly. His father was a bit of an eccentric himself, but he raised William with love and care that any father would have and instilled a lot of important values into William.

William's desire to prolong life sprouted from him watching his only family die slowly, and what he imagined horrifically. This pushed him to become a doctor, not only to try to cure those who are sick but to get

Professions Edit

Primary Profession: Doctor 

A doctor, gains large medical knowledge. Suturing and cleaning wounds, making bandages out of various materials and preparing drugs, is all part of a Doctor's job. Doctors are the only ones capable of healing serious injuries and knowing how to properly treat various diseases. Doctors can create techniques to counteract illnesses, toxins, and to properly treat wounds. These techniques can exceed rank 7 (seven). 

Primary Trait: Doctors can create two kinds of techniques. Drugs which can give stat buffs to whomever they are given to and toxins which can debuff whomever they are given to. Both these kinds of techniques can exceed rank seven. 

Secondary Profession: Martial Artist 

A Martial Artist is someone who specializes in hand-to-hand combat, completely or very close to unarmed. They usually have good insight in the aspects of weight, balance and movement of the body. This character has honed their body and trained extensively in Claw Brawling and can create techniques that in keeping in line with that style of fighting, exceeding rank 7 (seven).

Traits Edit

Professional TraitsEdit

Bringing Your Work Home (1 Slot): For these characters, their profession is their life’s work and make up who they are. This character can now use general trait slots for professional traits.

General TraitsEdit

Mad Scientist: The epitome of madness. Cackling and gleeful hand-rubbing is a favourite pastime of this character, as obligatory flashes of lightning go off at the success of each experiment. This mad scientist has the ability to make one major biological modification to themselves or to a personal NPC. This is trait must be taken for each change they wish to subjugate themselves or their Personal NPC to.

Crab Claw (1 Slot): Not only William's main method of attacking, but also used to administer drugs and medicine. His arm acts as storage for his drugs and medicine and can access them with ease through his claw.

Interim of the Emperor (1 Slot): A thirst for power has a hard time being quelled, but perhaps a temporary one is enough for the moment. This character is granted a temporary boost in will, by 1 point. While this character has slotted this trait, they cannot take another trait with ‘Interim’ in the name except for this one. This trait can be slotted multiple times, so long as you have the available slots.

Signature Technique: {Crush Claw} (1 Slot): This trait grants this character one free technique, equal to 75% of their Will. Despite being free, this trait should still fall in line with whatever techniques are possible for this character. As this character’s will increases, the rank of this technique will as well. Should you feel it necessary, this technique can be submitted to the technique thread if you wish to change the description in order to reflect it’s new rank. This technique cannot be branched from or into another technique.

Combat Style Edit

William's combat revolves heavily around his claw, as it is what he uses to attack with and how he uses his "doctor" related skills. Even in his youth before the claw, he was an okay street brawler though. So, he's not the most incompetent person when it comes to fighting. However, he values his life and would rather run away from a losing fight; to live another day.

Either way, there are no rules in a brawl- only a winner and a loser.


Stats Base Value After Traits
Strength 15 15
Stamina 10 10
Agility 9 9
Perception 9 9
Will 10


Stat Total 43


Items Edit

Items are anything with a monetary value, that your character should purchase. This includes, but is not limited to weapons, armors, den den mushis, ships, and dials. Anything of monetary value to your character specifically should be listed here.

Link Beli Gain Beli Loss Item Gain Item Loss
Total: 10,000 Beli


Your technique points are equal to your Will * 2.5

Max Rank 11
Technique Points Left 5
Technique Points Used 22
Technique Points Total 27

Combat Edit

Name: Crush Claw
Rank: 8 Cost: (Signature) Range: Melee Branches From: N/A
Description: William attempts to crush or cut anything caught in his pincer. If it's able to be cut it takes slashing damage but if it's unable to be cleanly cut it'll take blunt damage.

Toxin Edit

Name: Sticky Bubbles
Rank: 11 Cost: 11 Range: Short Branches From: N/A
Description: William's claw excretes a yellowish stream of bubbles that are sticky and slippery. These bubbles stick to organic targets indiscriminately, while fading away if they're unable to cling onto something. Those affected by the bubbles are briefly much less agile due to them sticking to themselves and slipping off anything that isn't organic.

Medicine Edit

Name: Molting Serum Alpha Trial
Rank: 11 Cost: 11 Range: Melee Branches From: N/A
Description: William injects a drug that expedites the growth of healthy tissue while shedding away the damaged tissue, similarly to how a crab molts their old shell so their new shell can form.

Feats Edit

This section is completely optional and it is up to you to fill out at any point during the role play. Simply put, if you feel your character has done something extraordinary feel free to list it here along with a link. Keeping track of these kinds of things will help us come up with special rewards.

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