A very thin and frail looking brunette, who looks almost as if the wind could blow her away. She has emerald green eyes and a fair skin complexion which all work to complement her face.She often wears white sundresses, usually accompanied by a white scarf or long coat. She often has a dazed and innocent look on her face almost as if she isn't quite all there.


Yuki is a sweet girl who often daydreams and loses focus of her surroundings. If you can get an answer from her she speaks slowly with an airy voice like that of a fairy. If you can manage to get her attention for more than a few seconds, she may give some surprisingly deep answers that would usually surprise you. Though getting to that point is already a bigger challenge than it should be.


Not much is know about why Yuki joined the marines or how she even managed to join. As far as anyone could tell she lived a pretty ordinary and boring life and her parents convinced the marines to take her for whatever reason.

For whatever reason, she sometimes finds herself travelling far from her unit, often becoming swept up in incidents that most marines couldn't find otherwise. If it wasn't for what appears to be dumb luck, she probably would've been court martialled by now.

The only known things that seem to always attract her attention are Bosco and her sitar.

Combat Style Edit

Yuki can't actually fight. She has never been seen fighting, even by her allies. What's weird however, is that she always seems to come out of battle completely unscatched. It probably has something to do with the bear that usually follows her around.

Items Edit

Wooden Sitar: Yuki walks around with a large instrument case which contains a sitar that might actually be bigger than her. Because of the size, she has to sit down and lean it against her body to properly pluck all the strings in the proper places.

Bosco Edit

Bosco is a bear that follows Yuki around and seems to be her pet. For whatever reason, he seems to be able to communicate with her in grunts along with him being able to clearly understand her. As far as other people are concerned, Bosco seems to be generally harmless and for the most part leaves people alone. When he's not following Yuki around he seems to enjoy food and good music. If Yuki is in the slightest bit of danger, Bosco will sense it and always come to her aid to defend her. Whenever Yuki plays her sitar, Bosco seems to fight much harder than usual.

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