Description Edit

"Anyone who isn't us, is an enemy." If you were to get the chance to ask a random guy on the street about why they were shooting at you, that would be one of the answers that you would get. And that is if you were to miraculously get a chance to ask one of them. They don't take kindly to anyone other than their own and refuse any and all attempts at communicating with them.

Despite being located on the same island as the Marine strongholds of Tragedy and Anvard, they have remained quite isolated from the rest of the world. Though the fact that both Marine bases have left them alone for quite a long time could be attributed to one of two rumors, that they aren't hostile unless provoked or because they have firepower comparable to that of Tragedy. Whichever one you choose to believe, just don't try to go and find out.

Player History Edit

Things of Note Edit

  • Very closed off community.
  • Do not like strangers
  • Cannon fire on any that do not bear the crest of Zeliendish
  • Thus, nothing is known about the happenings of the town

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